With changing building codes and a desire for increased energy efficiency, homeowners and building owners are looking for contractors who build with energy efficient building materials. NUDURA is a logical choice for contractors and developers. It is the simplest, most reliable way to achieve the new energy efficiency standards prescribed by the recently updated Ontario Building Code. Not only does it save on construction time and labour, it also provides your clients with a home or building that out-performs all other building methods.

Lower Building Costs
ICFs are quicker and easier to install than wood framing and take up less space on the job site, saving you labor and other expenses.

Building-Code Ready
Meet or exceed energy codes with advanced energy-efficient insulation that creates comfortable temperatures for occupants.

Maximize Time
Building year-round is possible with ICFs, even in below-freezing temperatures, so you never have to slow operations.

Sustainable Design
Energy-efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable, Nudura is a responsible choice for building an eco-friendly home.

Strong and safe Nudura ICFs can endure winds equivalent to an F4 tornado and provide fire protection for up to 4 hours.