A range of changing economic, social and environmental factors mean that the way buildings are constructed is changing. Construction projects today take positive steps towards specifying high quality, sustainable building materials that fit these agendas. The ICF Product line from NUDURA meets the high demands for commercial, educational, institutional, residential, and a variety of other building types.
Nudura insulated concrete forms product line
Stringent building regulations and pressure from building owners to create energy efficient buildings has made thermal performance more important than ever. It is important when selecting construction products that the overall thermal efficiency is taken into consideration. The thermal efficiency of a building and its thermal mass performance ultimately dictate the ability to minimize the energy used in heating and air conditioning. NUDURA ICF Products allow mechanical equipment to heat and cool the structure more efficiently. The Thermal mass that is created with NUDURA ICF Products and concrete can offer R-Values of up to R-50.

The ICF Product line from NUDURA provides benefits over other ICF products on the market. The ability to have our standard hinged form integrate with our panel system creates easier floor and roof connections ensuring the integrity of the form is not compromised. Speed of construction is also one of the greatest benefits to designing and constructing with NUDURA. Installation of NUDURA ICF products can be up to 40% faster over conventional building methods.
The NUDURA ICF system has many advantages over conventional construction methods. It can be used from footings to eaves in multi-storey construction. The following is a list of the benefits which may be of interest to both designers and builders:

1. Least expensive method of constructing any energy efficient construction project because most of the requirements are already incorporated into the building envelope at no extra cost. The cost of an ICF custom home can be less than 5% more than a conventionally built home, and still provide the added benefit of much lower energy costs. Multi-storey institutional and residential ICF buildings can be built for similar costs in much less time than conventionally built buildings.

2. The excavation can be made smaller than normal on confined building lots as all forming is done from the inside. Only enough room is needed to install the drain tile and waterproofing membrane, provided adequate shoring is provided when necessary.

3. No drafts – no thermal bridges – zero air infiltration. Basements and underground parking levels are no longer cold and damp, and are ready for interior finishes without additional framing. Above-grade walls provide a quiet, comfortable, fire-resistant interior environment.

4. There is more flexibility in finished floor to ceiling heights than with conventional concrete forming methods.

5. Can be constructed during the winter months without affecting the quality or strength of the finished concrete wall. Concrete can be poured in temperatures below minus 15C.

6. Reduced construction time. The building can be closed in rapidly so trades can work inside comfortably during inclement weather and maintain tight schedules.

7. Easily accepts wiring and plumbing with the use of a hot knife or router, which quickly cuts a chase where required. Electrical outlets never allow air infiltration. Draftproofing of boxes is eliminated. In commercial construction, electrical conduit is installed after the ICF walls are poured, eliminating the cost of having electrical contractors on site during the forming process.

8. Basement walkouts are normally formed full height with NUDURA. This provides an insulated frost wall to prevent cold from coming in under the basement floor. Also, with the walkout poured full height, you don’t have to deal with steps and indentations when finishing the basement wall interiors.

9. Avoid the skyrocketing and fluctuating cost of lumber and exterior sheathing. Concrete prices remain fairly stable.

10. Maintenance savings – no more aggravating nail pops and drywall cracks due to the drying of framing lumber.

11. Stronger than conventional methods in the case of tornadoes or hurricanes. Tested to withstand a category 5 hurricane with winds of 250 mph.

12. A 50 to 75% reduction in heating costs is possible, as well as improved interior comfort. Heating systems can often be downsized (with a corresponding cost reduction) due to the reduced heat loss calculations. An HRV or ERV is recommended due to the air tightness of the building.

13. No problem with broken vapour barriers where interior partitions intersect exterior walls.

14. Provides a surface ready to apply drywall, siding, brick or stucco without the need for strapping. Full height polyethylene webs, which are buried ½” into the foam on each face at 8” o/c., are molded into the forms to provide secure attachment for nails or screws as well as giving maximum form strength. The indentations in the webs provide for quick and easy placement of reinforcement bars. The wide variety of NUDURA form units available make any design possible, however complex it may be.

15. When used for above grade walls it provides a sound reduction rating (STC) in excess of 50 which virtually eliminates noise transmission from outside.

16. NUDURA can easily accommodate the design requirements of other building systems (eg. wood joists, hambro floor and precast concrete floors).

17. The unique bracing system provides a safe working platform, while ensuring straight and plumb walls.

18. We offer technical support for building issues, liaison with local building officials, on-site installation support and project design support.

19. NUDURA ICF has been thoroughly tested for complete Ontario Building Code compliance, as well as compliance with building codes throughout North America and Europe.

20. Satisfied clients!