If you are thinking about designing with NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms or would simply like to know more about how NUDURA works, we encourage you to take our one day ICF Training Course. The one-day training seminar provides Architects & Engineers with basic design and installation details. Fastform is committed to providing the highest level of training, ensuring you get the knowledge you need to design and engineer your next project with NUDURA.
The NUDURA Installation Course is led by a NUDURA installation specialist, providing you with a real world ICF installation experience. Our trainers break down the ICF installation process and work through building scenarios that arise in the field. Instructors provide live demonstrations of common scenarios found during the ICF installation process, giving you the opportunity to ask questions during the live demonstration. The live demonstration also provides a look at how NUDURA's unique line of accessory products help speed up the ICF installation process with products that have been developed by NUDURA for use with our forms.

NUDURA course topics include:

• Understanding general ICF installation of NUDURA concrete forms
• Placing Reinforcement during ICF installations
• Installation of construction openings
• Concrete placement
• Mechanical installation along with Interior and exterior finish application

We invite architects, engineers and building officials to attend (free of charge) and learn more about the Benefits of Building with NUDURA.

To sign up for our next Nudura Installation Course, please visit our Coming Events page.