NUDURA offers many benefits over conventional building methods. Choose NUDURA to build your dream home – you’ll be glad you did!
Homes built with NUDURA cost less to heat and cool. A NUDURA wall can provide performance comparable to an R-50 wood framed wall, resulting in up to 50% in energy savings.
Strength: A NUDURA reinforced concrete wall can withstand winds up to 402km/hour. You can breathe easy knowing that your family will be safe in even the worst of weather.

Fire Resistant: NUDURA ICFs offer your family maximum safety, with a fire protection rating of up to 4 hours. NUDURA ICFS are made with a fire retardant treated expanded polystyrene, ensuring maximum safety for your family.

Mould Resistant: NUDURA eliminates air and moisture infiltration, minimizing the potential for formation of mould growth.
In wood framed homes it is easy for outside cold to penetrate the inside of the house, resulting in uncomfortable cold spots. NUDURA offers superior performance when it comes to thermal bridging, resulting in even temperatures throughout the home and fewer drafts and cold spots.

NUDURA Insulated Concrete Walls create a great sound barrier, keeping unwanted noise OUT and keeping the peace and quiet IN!
When you build with NUDURA, you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint. NUDURA homes have lower energy consumption and a much longer life span than traditional wood framed homes, resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions – something you can feel good about!