We’ve got you covered! Halo Exterra is exterior breathable & mold-resistant advanced insulating sheathing. Specifically designed for exterior above-grade walls. Zero thermal drift & zero compromise.

Specifically designed for exterior above-grade

• A high performance Neopor core laminated
  on the exterior with a clear perforated
  polypropylene laminate

• Independent testing has shown that, with ½”
  o/c perforations, Exterra (in thicknesses up to
  1 5/8”) has a permeance greater than 60 ng/

• Thus per building code, Exterra is “permeable”
  and allows moisture to leave the wall cavity.

• When the joints are taped, Exterra can also
  act as the exterior air and weather barriers.


Zero thermal drift & zero compromise. For performance that Scores a 10/10.

1. With its graphite-enhanced Neopor core, Halo offers a 15% higher R-value than regular EPS

2. Unlike XPS and ISO insulation, with R-values that deteriorate over time, Halo features a unique
    “closed cell” structure that delivers a permanent R-value and comes with a Zero Thermal Drift

3. Compared to the competition, Halo delivers outstanding and guaranteed R-value over time – and Halo
    is often significantly less expensive than comparable XPS insulation products.

4. When the temperature drops outside, Halo powers up to deliver even greater R-values at lower

5. Halo can also minimize energy loss due to thermal bridging.

6. With its built-in air and weather barriers, Halo eliminates a number of construction steps to save time
    and money.

7. Light yet durable – perfect for today’s demanding job site.

8. The Neopor core is GreenguardTM Certified for superior indoor air quality.

9. Neopor is 100% recyclable and ozone layer friendly (does not contain any CFCs or HCFCs).

10. Only Halo Exterra features an advanced rigid insulation envelope with elements that are specifically
    engineered and laminated for its unique above-grade, exterior application.

Halo is powered by Neopor, the new standard in thermal insulation developed by BASF. Thanks to millions of graphite infrared absorbers and heat reflectors that reduce thermal conductivity, Neopor provides the highest R-value in the world of EPS rigid insulation.